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Stroud Yoga Space

A contemporary space dedicated to the teaching of Yoga, Meditation and Pilates. Created by Rachel Mellish, a Dru Yoga teacher who has held classes in the area for several years. “My vision was to create a beautiful space where all yoga teachers with their different yoga styles could come together under one roof. After all, ‘Yoga’ means ‘Union’. Providing this facility makes it easy for people to find a teacher and a class suited to their needs.”

At Stroud Yoga Space, we have a variety of yoga classes to offer, including…
Dru, Iyengar, Astanga, Mindfulness Yoga, Yin & Yang, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for Cyclists & Runners, Hatha, Yoga for Healthy Backs, Teen Yoga,  Pregnancy, Mother & Baby Yoga, Family pre-school Yoga and specific classes for Beginners.

Teen Yoga

“Expectation overload, online quantitative identity, our teens need to relax deeper and more than ever before. Some of them are constantly anxious or stressed and depending on the level of stress, you may need to start with some movement to release tension, before you can move into stillness effectively.

I believe, as the Dalai Lama says, we are all basically gentle by nature, and many times expectations and society push us into a brutalised form of ourselves. Yoga and related disciplines brings us back to the gentle, kind relationship with ourselves and each other, which is what makes it such a powerful practise”. Charlotta Martinus, Director of Teen Yoga.

The Inner Yoga Trust

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The Inner Yoga Trust is a small registered charity set up to advance education and relieve disease through the teaching of Yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation. We also provide education through the Yoga events we promote and through our teacher training and post diploma courses.

Yoga Nidra Network – see this website to download some lovely and relaxing yoga nidra practises – Yoga Nidra is deep yogic sleep and it really is amazing. Lisa teaches it once or twice every 6 – 8 week block in all of her classes and the students love it.

We are proud of this page: it is probably the most extensive resource for freely downloadable yoga nidra tracks you will find anywhere on the web. Each of the audio files is uploaded and freely shared by members of Team Nidra. We…