Yoga for the Menopause and Peri Menopause – meeting bi-monthly at Stroud Yoga Space


Our next session is on Sunday 8th September from 10 – 1 at SYS – you are welcome to attend as a stand along event or book with Lisa for a block of 4 sessions. The retreat type mornings will be held on the first Sunday of every other month 2nd November and 5th January 2020. Other dates will be updated on here and Facebook.

Are you entering the Autumn phase of your journey as a Woman ? The transition to Wise Woman.

Are you experiencing challenging symptoms which may be associated with Peri Menopause/Menopause?

Would you love to receive the support of other Women also making this transition ?

Would you enjoy to learn Yoga techniques to give you the inner resources to deal with all that Menopause brings ?

Would you enjoy to feel a sense of empowerment and celebration in honouring this Time ?

The group meets at SYS for 13 Moons and is led by Lisa Taylor, (Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist). Lisa has also been working with Marshal Rosenburg’s technique and embodiment of Non Violent Communication (Empathy, Feelings and Needs) for many years and she is experienced in Emotional Freedom Technique.

Our sessions together will include :

Breathing Techniques to cool the body or to enhance energy levels, as required.

Yoga Postures that boost the immunity and particular emphasis on supporting the Liver and the Adrenals.

Yoga Postures to bring balance to the Hormonal?Endocrine System.

Postures to build strong bones.

Yoga Nidra for calming the nervous system and deep healing on all levels. Also known to alleviate Insomnia.

Sharing and Listening to the experiences and feelings/needs of other women and feeling “heard” and “seen”, witnessed and held in the Circle of Women.

Sampling of Beneficial Herbal teas – to include Nettle, Motherwort and Sage. Also snacks which are particularly nutritious for the Menopause, to include Maca Root energy balls and “Feel Good Cake”

Each session is £25 (early bird price if booked and paid for around one month in advance) and £30 thereafter.

Please phone Lisa for further information and to book 07530 323951/01453 750923.


Cultural and Yoga Holiday in Morocco 2020- 17 – 24 March (please see “News” section of this website for more details.

Yoga for Teenagers

Lisa has trained with Teen Yoga and is qualified and experienced to teach young people aged from 13 to 21 years of age. She also offers yoga sessions with young people within the school setting (during P.E or P.S.E lessons) and has taught in most of the secondary schools throughout Pembrokeshire.

Benefits for Young People include:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety (particularly useful to Years 10 and 11 during periods of exams. Beneficial for good emotional and mental health for all. Particularly supportive to teens who are experiencing depression
  • Improved concentration, attention span and ability to focus mentally
  • Greater sense of self esteem and positive body image
  • The learning of breathing and relaxation techniques improves memory retention as well as simply giving the young person the ability to learn to rest and relax.

Please contact Lisa if you would like to receive sessions for young people at your school, youth club or community centre.

One to One Yoga Sessions

Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons at Stroud Yoga Space, Nelson Street, Stroud. Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes and cost £40.Lisa is currently offering home visits (if your home has a suitable room for this) for one to one at the reduced cost of £30.

A medical history and interview about your current health condition, any aches and pains etc, is carried out by Lisa. We run through a series of postures and stretches, also possibly breathing techniques, that will be helpful in working with your particular needs.

You then receive a practice to carry out at home – generally a 20 min plan for practice for 5 days of the week.

Students report back huge benefits to their conditions from working in this way, including – ease of complete loss of back pain and shoulder aches, improved mood, better concentration, relief from stiffness in knees and hips and improvement in shifting symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Do phone Lisa to book your appointment: 01453 764521 / 07530 323951