TESTIMONIALS FOR THE MORNING which includes practising yoga with a Blindfold (Eyemask)

” Thank you Lisa for a wonderful, gentle yet powerful blindfold yoga class. Increasing my spatial awareness and concentration making me feel more embodied and rooted in the present moment” I, Chalford.

“Lisa’s detailed, nurturing and supportive instructions from beginning to end, made me feel safe both emotionally and physically and open to explore the benefits of blindfold yoga. For me personally Blindfold Yoga improved my focus, it heightened my other senses, enhanced my concentration and took me deeper emotionally. I felt a good connection on my yoga mat and felt more able to focus my concentration fully on Lisa’s instruction and not be distracted by anything else around me. If you want a deeper yoga practise, I would highly recommend Lisa’s Blindfold Yoga sessions, you will be in safe hands.” K, Tetbury

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yoga with you on Sunday. It was perfect for a Sunday morning – as restful as a lie-in but much more interesting! I’ve done a fair amount of yoga but never with a blindfold. It was a real eye-opener (!) to discover how dependent my sense of my self is on being able to see. Somehow the absence of vision made that connection more intimate and I could feel more of me. I was surprised to discover just how far out my alignment was with no eyes, but the biggest thing for me was finding balance in the dark. My balance is pretty hopeless so that was a minor miracle! I loved the guided meditation at the end with its sense of journey and rich imagery. It was beautiful. The pineapple cake and chai towards the end were lovely” J, Stroud

Suffering from Anxiety ?

Experiencing Stress ?

Is Your Mind Feeling Over Active ?

Having Difficulty Sleeping ?

Hormones Imbalanced ?

A rejuvenating retreat morning, to include Yoga practised with a Blindfold, an extended practice of Yoga Nidra (Deep Yogic Sleep) and refreshments (vegan caffeine-free chai, cake and raw chocolate) to warm and delight your Senses and Being on all levels.

Yoga practised with the eyes covered deeply draws the attention inwards, eliminates normal visual stimulation and blocks out light. The eyes themselves become relaxed and still (like quiet pools of water). The gaze turns inward creating a self reflective quality directed towards our breath and all sensations within the body. The facial muscles soften completely and the mind becomes calm.Basically everything within us slows down beautifully.

If we have been experiencing stress or anxiety and the mind has been particularly active, this practice is supportive in creating a sense of inner safety, balance, trust in life, relaxation and calm.

Yoga Nidra helps activate the relaxation response and improve the functioning of your nervous system and endocrine system, which also affects your hormones.The practice regenerates and repairs our cells, and decreases anxiety. It is uplifting of mood. Yoga Nidra is also scientifically proven to aid restful sleep.

Price is £30, (to include refreshments). Some Concessions Available also especially for Young People. To book contact Lisa -lisataylor32b@hotmail.com / 07530 323951.